Using the Chrome developer tools to view uDeploy REST API

As I mentioned in my previous post, a good way to interrogate the REST API for IBM Urbancode Deploy is to observe the network traffic between the Urbancode Deploy GUI and server.  This can be done using the Chrome browser developer tools.

In your Urbancode Deploy tab in Chrome, open the developer tools console via the Chrome menu, select Tools -> Developer tools

10-7-2013 10-43-42 AM

You now get the console at the bottom of your window.  Select the Network tab.  At the bottom you can clear the collected events.

10-7-2013 10-47-40 AM

Now, exercise the Urbancode Deploy web interface and the Chrome developer tools will capture all network traffic between Chrome and the Urbancode Deploy server.  In this example, I changed one of the source config parameters of a component.  You see the first entry in the Network tab shows the REST PUT call.

10-7-2013 10-50-40 AM

By clicking on the row, you can get both the request and return json payloads and can examine their content.

10-7-2013 10-52-54 AM

This is a quick and dirty way to learn the available REST API calls in Urbancode Deploy.



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