My name is Darrell Schrag, and I work for IBM as a member of the Rational Emerging Technologies team.  As a member of this team, I am planning on sharing my thoughts and insights about DevOps in this blog.  I hope to provide my readers with some valuable information, as well as links to where the best information on this subject exist.  Keep watching this blog for more content in the coming weeks and months.


5 thoughts on “DevOps

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to know that are there any list of the rest API cause I wasn’t able to find them, the method of using the developer tool was helpful but a list is always better. In the documentation only CLI commands where given in a listed way. So which one would be better, using the CLI command list, or hunting for the REST calls ??

  2. Hello,
    Your idea about getting the rest calls from the wadl files was really very helpful. Now what i want is are there any hook of some kind available which is gonna trigger and do a work when some event occurs, i know about the plugins, but they only work in a process step, what i want is to do actions based on real time events like creating a component or an application. Is that possible ???

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